Valentines Day Announcement

Happy Valentine’s Day from the southern Appalachian mountains!  It is great to be able to announce the upcoming improvements to the website.  Soon you will be able to enjoy a new map feature only seen briefly in the past… hmmm? what is it?… It is an interactive map integrated with augmented reality for all you cutting edge technology users.


This map, which is powered by Leaflet, incorporates popular maps like google maps, bing, and others, with map markers to identify places a traveler would want to go.  The map markers themselves spring to life with a mouse-over.  A brief description of the destination, directions to its location, and a link to its page on this site are all part of this new interactive map.


An additional feature of this new interactive map is the advanced augmented reality display.  Augmented reality is the next big thing when it comes to mobile advertising.  A person with a smart phone and an augmented reality app such as Wikitude can point their phone’s camera at the world around them and see the virtual world come to life on the screen of their phone.  It is based off the gps and gyros in the phone just like the popular night sky app on android phones.  Instead of stars, a business would have a digital blimp, a circling plane, or flashing neon sign on their virtual store front.  Wow.


Tourists need a virtual map with business listings built in when they travel to the mountains.  We have twisty roads, rapid weather changes, and you could be just around the corner from the next gas station when you decide to turn around.  This map feature will aid tourists in the southern Appalachian mountains.  Directions, hyperlinks, your location, business hours, contact info, and more!  All in one location, this new map!


Look for this new map feature soon.  The next project following the map feature is the sortable tables.  Sounds fascinating!  But seriously… wouldn’t it be nice if when you were at a new place you could sort through the available options in the area around you?  Not in a stack of brochures, but on any web browser any place with internet.

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